Parallel Chiropractic & Wellness Centre -
1. Botanical medicine- Botanicals are a safe and effective way of promoting healing in the body.
2. Therapeutic nutrition- Nutritional counselling is catered to the individual based on the underlying health problem.
3. Vitamin/mineral therapy- Specific vitamins or minerals may be prescribed to promote healing or address underlying causes of imbalance.
4. Homeopathy- Homeopathy is a gentle, non-invasive medicine that is particularly beneficial in treating mood disorders.
5. Energetic therapy- Therapeutic touch is used to trigger deep relaxation and healing responses in the body.
6. Counseling - is used to address underlying emotional causes of illness.
Naturopathic medicine can be used to treat all types of illness. It is safe and effective medicine that addresses the underlying cause of illness, thus assisting the individual to achieve wellness.
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